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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years

Cast of Characters

The Galactic Destroyer

Princess Terrifying
The Atomic Starlight Knight

Over nine billion years old, the Galactic Destroyer is the central character of NETTG and NETTG: TEY. Its origins are a mystery, and it's the only one of its kind known to exist, even to itself. The question of gender never came up until it arrived in the Solar System; then it had to choose one very quickly. A creature that destroyed whole galaxies in its time, it's neither good or evil… As Popeye would put it, "It is what it is, and that's all what it is."

The Elder Senshi


Despite the SM characters being listed as immortal, it would have somehow felt completely wrong to have Terra surrounded by a bunch of adult Senshi who were the same ones from the canon series. It made a lot more sense to have the regular Senshi as Terra's "peers", and an older, more experienced group of sailor-suited gals taking care of interplanetary security and whatnot.

The Elder Senshi are the leaders of their worlds. They are usually queens, but it depends on the government. Mercury, for example, is a technocratic republic. Mars has a benevolent despotic theocracy. Jupiter's government is more tribal in nature. What truly makes a group of them is their bond of service to the Silver Millennium.

The Younger Senshi



The Lunar Royal Family

Queen Serenity
Princess Serenity
Lord (Giles) Tranquility

In the Silver Millennium, the Moon has become the dominant society in the solar system, and the seat of power for a Solar empire. As such, the Lunar monarch is the most powerful and influential person in the solar system. It was under Lunar guidance that the current era of peace and unity was achieved. With so many immortals around, no one has been quick to forget that. The other worlds may require prompting to come to one another's aid, but if the Queen comes under peril, they all rush to her defense without hesitation. It's tradition, and makes good sense for those that depend on her as a leader.

Lunar High Guard


No matter how short or colorful the miniskirts, four or five Senshi aren't enough to watch over an entire capital planet. Besides, the Senshi have their own worlds to worry about. If you have leaders or government buildings you want to keep, you're going to want guards for them. For those minor catastrophes in the Moon Kingdom that don't quite require a Senshi's attention, but are too much for the local militia to handle, there's the Lunar High Guard. They're a group of well-trained professional magical warriors who are extremely loyal to the Queen. They aren't the ones with the strongest magic, but they have a few bits of special equipment that help. Sometimes, it's not raw power that counts—it's how you use it.

The Terran Royal Family

King Kull
Prince Endymion


Terran Guardians



Advisor Mascots




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