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The Elder Sailor Mars

Name: Erato

Aliases: Sailor Mars

Physical Age Range in the Series: Approximately 25-30 apparent years. (She's 230 years old)

Awarded Titles: Empress (she's referred to as a "queen" when on the Moon), High Priestess

Hair Color: Raven Black

Eye Color: Brown

Complexion: Medium-tan

Part in the Story: Supporting Auxiliary Cast

Comments and Important Details:

Venus and Mars are all right tonight…Mars is a stern theocracy, with the Elder Senshi of Mars being at the same time the Empress and the High Priestess. As such, Erato tends to take herself fairly seriously, as does everyone else on Mars. In theory, she has the power to see into the future and sense evil wherever she goes, but she only gets the really important stuff after hours of meditation in front of the Sacred Fire atop Olympus Mons. The fire's sacred because it's a magical flame, able to keep burning even in the thin atmosphere at that altitude. The spillover of magic is the sort that allows prescience, including but not limited to seeing the future, the present, the past, and all sorts of other things that might have otherwise fallen under Sailor Pluto's jurisdiction. Other communications can occur here, like talking with elder gods, minor mythic figures, and so forth.

There's a good reason why Mars is a theocracy: religion is what makes the planet work. The planet has a natural atmosphere, but that is much too thin to support life. Like most of the other worlds, it needs magic to stay inhabitable. A constant infusion of magical power comes from selected priests and priestesses in the important shrines, and that is pretty much all that keeps Mars livable. The religious practices by the natives are a very real and essential part of daily life on that world; no technological means yet available has been able to duplicate what needs to be done to keep everyone alive and healthy—Mar's natural magic field interferes. The High Priestess may not quite cause the sun to rise every morning... but her organization keeps the ecosystem from falling apart. If society were to collapse on Mars, it would only be a century or two before the planet became completely inhospitable. It's by necessity that traditions are enforced and obeyed on Mars.

  • Genetic Background/History

EratoErato is the fifth in a short line of Martian rulers, and she dictates what goes and what rules are enforced on Mars. She's been raised to a traditional dedication to duty, and at least in theory, it's her job to make sure certain necessary rituals happen at the appropriate times. In practice, though, there's a bit of leeway in how often things need to be done, and the people of Mars know what is expected of them. You don't need whips or prisons on Mars: it's considered simply a common courtesy to do what you're supposed to.

On the other hand, Martians are a very conservative people, and historically nobody's wanted to take any chances, so the laws are written pretty strictly. The culture's also just a little xenophobic, and they tend to view outsiders with suspicion.

Erato is not quite as narrow-minded as some of her predecessors. She's been known to indulge in too many sweets, and she approves too many outsider passports for the locals' comfort. Still, despite being considered a little outlandish or eccentric, she is obeyed without question.

Erato's line has been kept "pure", and that means a bit of inbreeding here and there... but with genetics like hers, it's not really that bad. She's functionally immortal, like many others in the solar system, and like the rulers of Mars before her. Her predecessors either died in accidents or, in a couple of cases, went out into the galaxy to meditate and never returned.

  • Power Levels

The Elder Sailor Mars has fire-based powers and the ability to generate protective magnetic fields. When using her powers, she wears a typical Sailor Senshi outfit, but has additional artifacts she can call to enhance her combat abilities, such as a partial set of armor and a small buckler which is capable of deflecting most things that come her way. She's physically strong enough to tear the horns off a raging bull, but her magical power is where she's most capable. Her fire's on par with Lina Inverse.

  • General Appearance

Erato has a gem in her hair when transformed, and on casual occasions, she wears priestess garb consisting of typical Japanese-style Shinto robes, and has a flower in her hair where the gem would otherwise be. She's not as soft-skinned as Clio, but she's still a doted-on royal. Expect her to raise a hand and ask for additional things at meals, to act pious and refined... and to complain loudly and long, with tons of threats, when things don't go her way.


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