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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years

Princess Terrifying

Terra of the House of Serenity

Name: Terrifying

Aliases: Terra, The Galactic Destroyer, "The Monster" or "The Beast"

Physical Age Range in the Series: Approximately 9 to 18 years

Awarded Titles: Princess

Hair Color: Red

Eye Color: Green

Complexion: Medium-Fair

Part in the Story: The main character (with a capital "The"!)

Genetic Background: Terra only had a few seconds to come up with a proper genetic structure for her human appearance. The biggest thing on her mind wasn't really about creating a superhuman or a form that would be the best balanced for combat. She was thinking more along the lines of "something quick, that the human with the magic rock won't kill!"

On tap she had the memorized copies of thousands of different species she'd annihilated, but she needed something human, and the most recent addition had been the Elder Sailor Saturn… plus, another example right in front of her was Queen Serenity, whom she was attempting not to be destroyed by. In the end, she went for an instant "don't-kill" reaction, and she selected the form of an adorable child that would look to Queen Serenity pretty much like one of her own offspring.

Who's whoThe distribution of genetics ended up something like:

  • 55% Human: Royal Lunar Family
  • 30% Human: Royal Saturn Family
  • 10% Juraian: High Imperial
  • 4% Saiyajin: Elite Soldier Class
  • 1% Other (I.E. Invid, Vorlon, Other Human, Etcetera)

Important Details

  • Hair

TerraOne of the first major things that becomes apparent about Terra is her hair. It's an expressive feature, every bit as important as her face. When she's calm, it tends to stay down and relatively organized. When she's mad, angry, or otherwise surprised, it tends to flare in a pattern much like the Galactic Destroyer's spiky crests. This serves as a helpful reminder of Terra's true form.


In the first few chapters, since she's just starting out, her hair hasn't yet been combed, washed, or cut. It looks pretty spiky, and separates into lots of jagged-ended locks. That helps her look more GD-ish when she's really mad or channeling lots of power.


Terra "Sproing" has sprungLater, though, she'll get a trim and have it all sorted out. For example, most of the formal paintings done of her tend to have smoothly organized hair. Nevertheless, she doesn't exactly have the most well-behaved tresses, so you can still expect it to act up under uncomfortable circumstances. For example, she doesn't like her hair tied up in royal odango or ponytails. Even if she did, her hair might behave for a few seconds, but it wouldn't take long for it to "sproing" back into a spiky look.

The main point is that her hair helps convey her mood, whether calm, antagonistic, angry, or whatever else. When she's more out-of-control and slipping back into her Galactic Destroyer instincts, she'll have hair that more closely resembles the GD-spikes.

Medium SpikeyReally spikeyGalactic Destroyer

  • Body Type

TerraTerra At the beginning of the series, Terra's fairly thin, and pretty much stays that way. That's partly due to her genetic structure—she borrowed from family groups that don't seem to gain much weight, no matter how much they gorge themselves on ice cream—but mostly because she doesn't like the local cuisine.

So she'll tend to stay without much meat on her bones for a generous portion of her life. She also won't gain much apparent muscle mass for reasons of both genetics and lifestyle.

However, as she grows up she'll advance pretty much like any normal anime girl would, meaning she'll be skinny and shapely at the same time. Here are some examples based on available images:


This isn't a perfect representation of age-progression from the beginning to the end of the series, but it works for this explanation. There probably won't be a complete set of images until either the Galactic Destroyer Maker game or this web comic is finished.

  • Clothing

Terra initially starts off with the short white robe she's wearing in chapter one, with a cloth sash and bare feet. She gets a green dress with accessories in chapter two for something formal enough to wear around a palace, but not quite so formal as the dresses the Queen and the Princess wear. Later, after she's formally adopted, she gets a white dress similar in style to what the royals already wear for formal occasions. For casual activities, she either wears a knee-length white greek-style robe or her green dress. She doesn't like sailor-style stuff, so she avoids it like the plague until forced to use the Chibi-Moon powers.

The green dress at different ages

  • Multiple Personalities

Saturn Terra has a bad case of Multiple Personality Disorder, to the tune of millions of "voices". In prose, the personas were easily represented as thoughts in her mind by using "< >" notations or different fonts. The comic requires something cuter and with a little more finesse. For that reason, it was decided to use cute Chibi-figures to represent the most prominent of the inner voices.

The personalities are a mix of components in her psyche. They are something like plug-ins for the kernel of her being, to use a computer analogy, and are copies of actual beings that haven't degraded or been completely "digested" yet.

The vast majority are too weak to make themselves heard, but a few still can stand out on their own, or group together as a gestalt. Of those who can, most just look like Terra herself, but a very few can still take the form of what they were before being absorbed.

There are three main examples of the types that don't end up looking like a variation of Terra:

  1. SaturnSaturnThe Elder Sailor Saturn. Devoured by the Galactic Destroyer during the climactic Battle of Saturn, she's the most recent addition, and as such, she's still got a lot of individuality and power. She serves as a voice of reason and wisdom and tries to keep the other two primary personalities under control. Her usual way of maintaining order is called the "Psychic Glaive Surprise." In extreme cases, she uses an advanced attack called the "Neuron Reborn Revolution." Either one is a guaranteed headache for poor Terra, whose brain is the unwilling battlefield.

  2. The SaiyanThe Saiyajin. He was probably one of Vegeta's ancestors, and is a fairly typical bloodthirsty Saiyan Elite. He usually wears the ribbed armor and blue undersuit from Dragon Ball Z. The Saiyajin is a voice that calls for suffering and death to be poured out upon the masses in the name of revenge. He also tries to force Terra to do the things that he wants her to do through mental violence, but his diminutive size and power doesn't back up his temper very effectively.

  3. The Galactic DestroyerThe Galactic Destroyer. This is the primal, chaotic instinct that drives Terra to kill, destroy… and then destroy some more. It has no regard for morals, or for much of anything else for that matter. Its driving motivation is a pure and simple need to see things ripped apart. After the transformation into Terra, it's mostly reduced to growling ineffectually and devouring imaginary things in great delusions of grandeur.

The interaction of these three in the comic is intended to capture the essence of the multiple personalities in the fanfic. Many other kinds of personalities will appear, but these are the ones that will be focused upon through the entire series.

Some other distinctive personalities that will be making appearances include Tenchi Muyo's Tsunami—including the ship!—Archons from Starcraft, Invid mecha, and a host of random creatures drawn from a plethora of science fiction sources. Terra's been busy the past nine billion years, and she most certainly has a lot to show for it.

The personalities that look like Terra include the following:

  • Sailor Kawaii. The part of Terra's persona that urges her along to do cute things and act cute at all costs, because if you're cute, you can get away with anything. This is a devious sub-personality. Her hair falls free, not spiky or anything, but definitely in Terra's style. She's dressed in a cutesy, ribbony Sailor outfit.

  • Sailor Nuke. The part of Terra's persona that urges her to have fun and take the direct approach to everything: "Be natural. BLOW 'EM TO SMITHEREENS! WOOOO!" This persona is really close to what the Atomic Starlight Knight will be in his more active moods. Her hair's kind of spiky and she's got a lot of weaponry hung about her person by leather straps. She still wears a sailor suit, though.

  • The Chibi-Terra-Scientist. This personality always appears dressed in a labcoat, and prescribes creative solutions to unusual problems. She also constantly asks for opportunities to experiment. Think of her as being like Washuu… with a lobotomy.

  • The Honestly Girlish Chibi-Terra. This personality took to being a human girl a little too well. She likes to play with dolls, thinks some guys are cute, and is a good-natured and rather timid inner voice that pleads for caution… much to the disgust of the other personalities.

At the center of it all, the core which makes Terra herself directs, processes, and tries to figure out what all of the other input from her personalities means. Terra's mental fusion with Queen Serenity gave her a kind of cipher key or codec through which to make sense of human thought, which she would otherwise have just filed and kept stored away, like she had all of the other races she'd annihilated. It came as quite a shock when she started looking at the universe through human-colored glasses and realized that those other races hadn't had as much fun being destroyed as she'd had destroying them; but in the end, she is who she is. She's just never taken a moment before to wonder who she is in the first place… and that's the core of this story.


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