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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years

The Elder Sailor Venus

ThaliaName: Thalia

Aliases: Cutie Pie, Ditzy Face, Moron, Scatterbrain

Physical Age Range in the Series: Approximately 20-25 apparent years. (She's really 27, but try not to rub it in.)

Awarded Titles: Granite Cup Champion Rock Sniffer, 2nd Place Sit-Up Winner (301st Tri-Annual Interplanetary Olympics), Queen (honorary), Last of the Red Hot Midnight Cloggers, Leader of the Senshi, and Maker of the Best Gosh-Darn Scallops This Side of the Asteroid Belt

Hair Color: Blondest of the Blonde

Eye Color: Blue

Complexion: Medium

Part in the Story: Supporting Main Cast

Comments and Important Details:

Oh my, oh my, oh my… where to begin on this one? NETTG:TEY's planet Venus is a whimsical, magical wonderland where Lewis Carroll would be able to prop up his feet and feel right at home, M.C. Escher would uncover newfound inspiration, and Puff the Magic Dragon would sell his Earthly cave by the sea so he could buy a condo. It's not the simple fact of hallucinogenic mushrooms being widely and readily available—they're only used for really special occasions. The fact is, Venus has a roiling, massive magical field. Little things from other universes tend to gather there or pop into existence from the sheer power of it all. It's a melting pot of different cultures, races, and societies. They've got elves, dwarves, gnomes, spriggans, ArbyFish, dragons… you name it, they've probably got it somewhere. All of these diverse people coexist in a surreal atmosphere of peace and harmony, and hold hands while singing off-key songs. It's almost a kindergarten atmosphere… except that no kindergarteners ever got along that well or had such a loose grasp on reality. For the other inhabitants of the Solar System, a trip to Venus is not one to make lightly. Venusian parties, on the other hand, are legendary—in more ways than one.

  • Construction

Homes, public buildings, and the Royal Family's manor are normally constructed of native rock, a mutated crystalline material called "psychostone". Venus' magic field has made the soil of the planet unlike anything else in the Solar System—and psychostone is a building material that can best be described as subject to change without prior notice. While the overall form and stability of a building made of psychostone remains reasonably constant, it's appearance, including color and architectural detailing, can vary from moment to moment according to the mental state of the people inside or nearby. Imagine, if you will, living in a gigantic mood ring, and that's what towns on Venus are like.

The Granite Cup Rock Sniffing Contest is a competition held on Venus every two years, and is a prestigious event. It's also a grueling trial that has laid many a brave soul low. Special kinds of psychostone are gathered from all over Venus, and choice pieces are arranged on the grounds of the Royal Manor. Put in simple terms, the idea is to sniff each piece of psychostone and identify it by age, strata and region. This is complicated by the fact that the recently unearthed and cut 'stone is left with the dust of its cutting in place as an aide to the contestants… and psychostone dust is highly intoxicating. The Rock Sniffing course has forty stations. Rare indeed is the person who can stagger their way through the whole collection, much less correctly identify each 'stone. Most contestants are hard-pressed to able to speak coherently after the first fifteen. It's comparable to a wine-tasting contest where the participants would have to drink an entire goblet of forty varieties of wine without spitting it out.

Thalia not only can make it through all forty stations, she can also walk away on her own two feet afterward. Is it any wonder that she's so highly regarded by her people?

  • Genetic Background/History

Thalia is the daughter of a long and prolific line of Venusian royals. She has tons of older brothers, cousins, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews… but through a quirk of fate, she's the one who got the Sailor Venus powers since she is the only girl in the latest generation. But being among tons of boys all the time didn't make her tomboyish—far from it, in fact. It emphasized her giggling girlishness, even when she beat the tar out of her oldest brother for stealing her favorite doll, oh so long ago.

Since it's such a demanding job, being the Guardian of Venus tends to have a high turnover rate compared to other worlds. The Elder Venus retires pretty quickly after the Younger is ready to take over. One might think that such a "system" would keep the candidates from accumulating the battle experience needed to be the leader of the Senshi, but in Thalia's case, what she lacks in experience, she makes up for in sheer, unbelievable talent—she's a natural. No matter how happy-fluffy-boinky she might act, when it comes to actual combat, she's deadlier and more unrelenting than a T-1000 with a gatling cannon.

  • Power Levels

Venus is a highly magical world, and churns out ultra-high-quality Senshi in terms of leadership and power. Thalia is literally a one-woman army. With laser beams that can mow down troops faster than a thousand machine guns, unmatched tactical skill, and enough hand-to-hand ability to wrestle down an ancient dragon, she is the uncontested leader of the Senshi. Standing near her and getting to know her, one wonders at the how a ditzball like her could possibly lead anyone, much less a group of planetary defenders… and at the same time find it impossible to think that anyone could ever hope to replace her.

Her primary weapons are hand-fired laser beams and the Crystal Wink Sword (AKA the Holy Stone Sword). Her firepower ranges from being able to knock a fly out of the air from fifty meters to slicing a hole through ten-foot-thick steel at any distance she can see it.

  • General Appearance:

The Elder Sailor Venus always seems to be on duty, even when it's not the case. When she's really on duty, you can see some telltale signs. First of all, her sword is strapped to her back in an elegant orange scabbard, showing that she's ready to fight. Her calf-hugging boots are buffed to a pristine shine. She has two notches on her shoulder guards instead of just one poofy one. Her skirt is neatly organized, she tends to stand in a wide fighting stance, and she's all sparkling and ready for duty. When she "transforms", it can typically go unnoticed by those who don't know the difference.

On the other hand, when she's not readying herself for combat, she wears… a sailor-suit. She happens to like them very much and thinks that they're cute, so she had her tailor whip her up some sailor-suits she can go around looking cute in.

Note that her casual outfit has just that one notch, and she might have a different fuku she may wear on occasion with bigger shoulder guards, but they just have that one notch which is there just to look nice. Also, her casual outfits aren't usually as tight-fitting and organized as when she's going to war. Her skirt tends to flare out a bit more in the wind, and her boots are considerably looser-fitting. Also, one should note that when she doesn't mean business, she'll typically just be looking on, smiling contentedly at what might seem like nothing in particular with her hands held girlishly behind her. She doesn't look like anything in the universe could possibly be wrong, and when people look at that face, it's tough not to be reassured. She may look sad on occasion, but it never lasts.

Thalia's married life is a rather interesting one. She had a whirlwind romance when she was sixteen and eventually married this great big beefcakey, loyal, loving, bishounen Olympic champion Hercules-type guy. And apparently, things couldn't be better. Her husband stays home and takes care of the kids while she goes out and makes her world and the Solar System a better place. She has a nine-year-old daughter named Althea, and a six-year-old son for whom they have not decided on a name as of yet . But don't worry—the parents are much more confused than he.

Thalia is extremely outgoing and athletic. As mentioned in her awarded titles, she's a champion of the Solar System when it comes to sit-ups, and she's also an expert runner. That makes for well-toned legs and abdominal muscles. She can also wield her two-handed greatsword with ease, but since she doesn't use the Crystal Wink Sword that often, her arms haven't exactly developed a "beefy" quality to them. She's not a big fan of arm-wrestling, either. When going hand-to-hand without weapons, she's more well-known for her kick, which is famous throughout the solar system—the "Sailor 'V' Kick" which can be quite devastating to an unprepared party. Believe me, if you're kicked by one of those legs, you stay kicked. They're actually very nice legs, just a lot more powerful than average.



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