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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years


The Elder Sailor Saturn

Name: Tethys

Aliases: Sailor Saturn

Physical Age Range in the Series: Approximately 16-23 apparent years (She was 20 years old when she battled the Galactic Destroyer)

Awarded Titles: Queen, 1st Place Situp Champion (301st Tri-Annual Interplanetary Olympics), Ph.D of Planetary Physics

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Deep Blue—Nearly Purple

Complexion: Fair

Part in the Story: Mysterious Figure From the Past/Supporting Main Character

Comments and Important Details:

The planet Saturn is a mysterious, dark place. Its people are secretive and live on floating continents high in the world's atmosphere, as well as on some of the moons. Saturnians seem to have a great deal of knowledge concerning life and death. Their healers are unequaled, and their warriors are the finest in the solar system. It's also said that they don't do anything piecemeal; historically, their wars were conducted on an all-or-nothing model. Saturnian magicians and alchemists long ago discovered the secrets behind weapons of mass destruction: chemical, biological, nuclear, magical… it was all the same to them.

The Senshi of Saturn is no exception. She is a model of extremes, with the power to ruin worlds, as well as the power to restore life to those who are about to lose it. Shouldered with the burden of her calling, Sailor Saturn knows how and when she will die, and what she will accomplish by doing so. This knowledge does not usually dismay her. Instead, it removes from her all fear and doubt. She has a purpose and a mission in life, which is more than many human beings can hope for.

  • Genetic Background/History

Tethys never knew her parents. She was raised by regent custodians and nursemaids who never spoke of where she came from, nor of other members of her family, or even if she had any. She was nevertheless afforded a near-divine reverence for reasons she did not fully comprehend. There had not been a Senshi of Saturn for nearly a thousand years, and many feared that her birth would herald the end to the peaceful age they had enjoyed for so many centuries. She never received any training, and yet could effortlessly pin Thalia to the ground in a scuffle. No one instructed her in the use of magic, but she could block the stiffest, most cruel curses with barely an afterthought. And despite her incredible personal power, she did not seek for personal or political gain. All her life, she had but one goal: to fulfill her destiny and stop the great monster that threatened to destroy the homeland she had known for only a short time.

  • Power Levels

Tethys' power exceeds that of all the other Elder Senshi combined. Once, as a friendly welcoming gesture into the ranks of the Senshi, Thalia invited her to participate in a sort of Sailor Combat brawl. At the end, only Tethys remained standing, and the others were rendered badly wounded and unconscious for days. She never fought again until the Galactic Destroyer attacked her world without warning.

When the Galactic Destroyer arrived, Tethys knew that her time was up, and that her sacrifice would be largely meaningless if she didn't think of something fast. She also knew that her power to destroy whole worlds or restore life would not help her against the Destroyer's insane level of chaotic power. Nevertheless, she fought, and she seemed to be driving it back for what seemed a small eternity. However, she realized that the beast were merely toying with her as she spent several days without sleep, food, or water while using her powers to her maximum ability. Even her final act of defiance, the Death Ribbon Revolution, would not so much as scratch the Galactic Destroyer's skin.

At the last possible moment, just before the last of her strength was expended, Tethys thought of a way that her struggle could have significance. At the very moment when she felt the time had arrived for her last breath, she cast aside her glaive and welcomed her fate with open arms. She was devoured by the Destroyer, her body and energy feeding its endless lust for havoc, chaos, and destruction. And yet… for the first time in her life, for some cosmically strange reason, she smiled.

  • General Appearance and Personality:

Tethys is NETTG:TEY's one, true hyper-powered Goth Girl. She dies before the prologue, so she won't show up as a real person in the actual plot. In flashbacks, though, she'll appear as herself. She's one of those kinds of people with mostly neutral emotions. She was just the shy sort that never wanted to cause any trouble or bother anyone. All she knew of her life was the beginning and the ending, and all she wanted to do was make it through that life without excessively troubling people. She had friends here and there, but due to her immense power, she always worried about hurting others. This led to a sort of partially self-imposed solitude. She rarely visited other worlds—she only went to them when specifically invited by name and given a personal escort by the inviting party. She'd been to Pluto, Neptune, the Moon, and Venus. She really didn't fit in on Venus, but she could stay relatively inconspicuous on the Moon.

Tethys has unassuming, hip-length black hair. It falls straight down without much outward body. She has decently uniform bangs that only ever get trimmed to keep them out of her eyes. She does qualify as beautiful, but she doesn't look as pretty as she could if she ever, say, smiled. She has a very simplistic style, as if material possessions really don't matter much when you get right down to thinking about it.

Tethys has a sort of second life after her battle with the Galactic Destroyer. Despite her shyness and strong desire not to get in the way of those around her, she had a very, very strong spirit. She's powerful without even trying. So, even devoured and absorbed, she still exerts an incredibly powerful presence in Terra's mind. Terra already had a semblance of a conscience, but that was more on the scale of animal instinct, or the morality of a small child: "Blast anything that moves to survive!" or "Nah, kill 'em slower 'cause it's more fun." Tethys helps to bolster Terra's weak morality, and as such tends to pop up on her shoulder as a sort of chibified, plushie kind of guardian angel. She's still got her straight hair and bangs, as well as her Glaive. That doesn't change the fact that she is very, very dead at the moment. One could debate as to whether her spirit moved on to its final reward or not, but it's more Gothic to say that her soul was devoured by the Galactic Destroyer, in Cthulhu's grand tradition. Whether the Elder Sailor Saturn sitting on Terra's shoulder is a copy, a memory, or the real deal… Sore wa himitsu desu. It's a mystery that may never be revealed.


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