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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years


The Elder Sailor Mercury

Name: Clio

Aliases: Sailor Mercury

Physical Age Range in the Series: Approximately 25-35 apparent years. (She's 1125 years old, and a little world-weary, to boot)

Awarded Titles: Queen, Chancellor, MD, Ph.D(50), DPT, Etc.

Hair Color: Blue (Gotta have blue hair…)

Eye Color: Brown

Complexion: Fair

Part in the Story: Supporting Auxiliary Cast

Comments and Important Details:

ClioWoo-hoo! Would you look at the IQ on that one?! Ahem… An important trait of people from her world is that they tend to look on intelligence as a highly desirable trait. Marie Curie, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein would look pretty hot to these people. Not only is it good sense—it's a survival trait. Mercury is more technologically-oriented than any of the other worlds due to economic and feasibility problems in getting magical artifacts there to maintain living conditions. Because of that, and the fact that they were a pretty smart group to begin with, they developed a method of terraforming their absolutely inhospitable world to the point where they can actually go outside, breathe the air and look up at the sunrise at the beginning of a typical 1360 hour day—no magic required!

  • Genetic Background/History

Clio was one of the original colonists of the Solar System's interplanetary civilization. She was born to parents with an extremely high longevity, and she herself is for all intents and purposes immortal. Despite her extended life, she's spent most of her time carrying out research and development, seemingly obsessed with bettering the welfare of her people. Only recently, with things looking totally calm and peachy-keen, has she finally relaxed, married, and had a child—with no amazing feats of technology required.

  • Power Levels

AlethiometerDespite being the most ancient of the living Senshi, Clio is the one with the lowest raw power. This is partly due to her not having more advanced magic; other Senshi are better at tapping into their planets' power. As the first Senshi, she had incredible power for her time, but she dedicated more effort to developing her mind and technology than going on some bizarre meditation or training exercise in hopes of advancing her magical skills. Another is that her small world doesn't have all that much magical energy to begin with, compared to the other planets. One positive result is that Mercury is the high-tech center of the Solar System, and she has technology that interfaces well with her Senshi powers. This includes a built-in visor-scouter, and a computer system that can measure practically anything. She also has a number of other gadgets. For now, in the rare occasions where she actually needs to use magical powers, she tends to favor a compass-like device rather similar to an Alethiometer in nature. She asks questions, and it directs her to the right answer. Only she knows how to use it, and like an old engineer's feelings toward the venerable slide-rule, she is loath to abandon it. Her daughter, the Younger Senshi of Mercury, just uses a computer. Kids love hi-tech toys.

  • General Appearance

ClioClio remains young and beautiful due to good breeding and taking care of herself over the centuries, and also because her tie-in to Mercury helps sustain her where her genetics might otherwise fail. Her body's eye-poppingly thin, with long, slender legs. She's not at all muscular; she's a soft-skinned scientist. Physical strength was never her strong point. She gives limp—though not unpleasantly limp—handshakes when greeting new people.

To the left, you see her in her Senshi outfit. It's pretty standard, but note the shoulders. They're segmented differently than those found on the other Sailors, and they use a sheer material between the flared white cloth frame. Senshi uniforms tend to change slightly from generation to generation, but her's is an example of the uniforms worn by the very first Senshi group.

When not fighting, she wears a labcoat with a Greek-style robe underneath, and turquoise brooches on each of her shoulders. She favors lace-up sandals, and has a small apparatus on the side of her head that links to her safety visor/goggles for the really tough scientific research work.


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