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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years

Lunar High Guard Captain Laios

LaiosName: Laios

Aliases: None

Physical Age Range in the Series: 19-27, approximately. He's 25 when the series starts.

Awarded Titles: Captain of the Lunar High Guard

Hair Color: Yellow-blond

Eye Color: Brown

Complexion: Fair

Part in the Story: Supporting Auxiliary Cast

Comments and Important Details:

Laios is an interesting character because there wasn't much planned for him when the series started up, but he fit a need in the early stages so well that he's evolved his own place in the story.

  • Genetic Background/History

Laios and VenusLaios is one hundred percent human, of common Lunar stock. His parents were born on the Moon, as were their parents and so on. The man is not immortal, although if he takes really good care of himself, he could live to be a hundred and fifty. At least, he could if he'd chosen a safer line of work. With what's been attacking lately, he'll be lucky if he makes it to his 27th birthday.

He was very frail as a youth. To compound matters further, he had no innate magical ability, and no magical treatments could change that. The jobs which he might normally have been steered towards, such as farming, sculpting, or masonry, held no fascination for him: instead, he dreamed of becoming a soldier, and worked hard for years to overcome his weak constitution. The road was slow, difficult, and painful, and he suffered many setbacks. When he could finally lift a sword, he trained for hours with it daily, a practice he's never stopped.

Even without much natural talent or strength, some people manage to make it by on pure determination, eventually outclassing even those with all the natural abilities in the world. His trials also taught him things like patience and humility, which can sometimes also be useful leadership skills. Thanks to all these factors, not only did he eventually fulfill his dream and become a soldier, he rose through the ranks rapidly, and was eventually tapped for the Lunar High Guard, where he became an officer and leader.

  • Power Levels

LaiosLaios doesn't have any of the usual trappings of power in the Silver Millennium. He has no magical powers, ki blasts, teleportation, or other funky voodoo, but he's got it where it counts. His long practice has made him a grandmaster with the sword. He's left-handed, which is sometimes an advantage all its own. His blows might not be the strongest in the solar system, but he's fast—scary fast, even when weighed down by a full suit of platemail. Without his armor, he's even faster.

The armor of the High Guard Captain is very nice stuff, made by the finest smiths of the Moon and Venus, and is practically unbreakable. His sword can, within reason, cut or smash through nearly anything. Laios could get by with a lesser weapon, and did for years, but when on duty, he's serious and sees no reason not to use every advantage available to him. He also never fights at less than his full ability, unless tricking an opponent into thinking he is weaker would give the element of surprise.

On a good day, he could give Himura Kenshin a run for his money. As a matter of fact, his style of swordsmanship might look to a skilled time-traveling observer like a cross between what could evolve into traditional European and Japanese sword arts. All that having been said, maybe being that skilled with a sword is a sort of magic all its own.

  • General Appearance

LaiosThe man is a blond pretty-boy in the grand tradition of characters such as Legolas the Elf. Laios is not an elf, but he's kind of short, and he's still got pretty long ears despite being human.

His demeanor is always fairly stiff and military. His expression might give one the impression that he takes himself a little too seriously. He doesn't take much time off, and the time he does take for vacations is usually spent reviewing the history of battles and practicing swordplay.

Laios visits his parents fairly often, and they're very proud of him… but they wonder why he hasn't gotten married yet, and he usually gets badgered about it. There's a reason for it, though: his heart is set on someone who is beyond his reach.



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