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Queen Serenity

Queen Serenity

Name: Serenity II

Aliases: None

Physical Age Range in the Series: 24-30, approximately. (She's in her mid-thirties when the series starts.)

Awarded Titles: Queen

Hair Color: Platinum blonde with lavender highlights

Eye Color: Blue

Complexion: Very Fair

Part in the Story: Main Cast

Comments and Important Details:

There was one previous Lunar queen during the Silver Millennium. So fine was the silken glove with which she reigned that no one truly minded the iron fist underneath it. Pushing through the disarmament treaties that created an era of peace was an exercise in patience, education, anger-management, and negotiation skill… and required the founder to be powerful enough to righteously kick the braying donkey out of any threat that might choose to attack the fledgling utopia. In that kind of circumstance, it helps if you have a nice chunk of magical rock with which to iron out the details. Once it seemed certain that the peace would last and that her daughter was ready enough to take her place, Serenity I left for parts unknown, eventually traveling beyond the rim of the galaxy.

Despite Serenity Jr.'s extreme youth by immortal standards, leaving her in charge was generally deemed a wise decision on the part of the ancient ruler of yore. Her wisdom had never failed them before, so why should it then?

The new queen is afforded all the respect and obedience previously pledged to the elder one. Only a scant few question her authority behind her back; there are some concerns about her lack of effort to eliminate certain subversive elements now becoming present on the various worlds. To further complicate matters, she recently opened up diplomatic relations with Earth, whose purely mortal inhabitants are considered throwback savages by many in the "better" parts of the Silver Millennium.

GD devastation QSDespite her unpopular policies, everyone rallied behind her when the beast from the great unknown struck the solar system, rocking the very foundations of the civilization.

In the past, threats to life, limb, and property had been dealt with promptly by the elder queen and her Senshi, long before critical areas or population centers could be affected. The arrival of the Galactic Destroyer was different. Depending on who you ask, there are two explanations for the devastation it wrought. Those who feel generous say that the new monster came too suddenly and acted too swiftly for a potent defense to be mounted in time; detractors say that Serenity II reacted too slowly in dealing with her first major crisis. One thing all of the pundits agree on is that this time, the threat was stopped far too late.

In this time after the climactic battle on the Moon, many feel that her future effectiveness is uncertain. Her subjects hope she can maintain the status quo and lead them into another thousand years of peace and prosperity, but no one is quite sure. Final defeat had been too close; the one they'd revered as a goddess was shown to not be invincible. That is only the beginning of her problems. The beast she vanquished by only a narrow margin left a living, breathing human child in its place. Uncertain about the girl's origins, the queen is making a few more unpopular executive decisions concerning something that may very well determine the fate of the Silver Millennium….

  • Genetic Background/History

Queen Serenity II is renowned as the spitting image of her mother. She is as immortal as human beings get, born to pure-bred Lunar parents and raised in strict adherence to traditions begun centuries earlier by the first queen. Whether because of arrogance or incredible foresight on the part of Serenity I, she was deemed ready to take full reign of the Moon Kingdom by her twenty-fifth year.

  • Power Levels

Queen Serenity The Lunar queen is the most powerful human being in the solar system, with one significant catch. Her magical abilities are very impressive by any standard. She can cast any type or level of spell known to the human race, and has also been bequeathed all the powers of the Phantom Silver Crystal of the Imperium, the Ginzuishou. This artifact serves to augment her already fantastic power to incredible levels. At maximum level, she could bend the very will of the universe around her finger and command anything at all to be done. The catch is that using her ultimate power would cost her life. But at lower levels, even the most dangerous of beings are still susceptible to the kind of power she wields. The Galactic Destroyer, for example, was beaten without her having to go the final extremity… if only just barely.

  • General Appearance

QS QSShe's a tall platinum blonde, and has a figure that no woman in her right mind could complain about. She wears her ankle-length hair in long ponytails, tied in a pair of buns in the back; the famous royal odango. On her forehead always shines a crescent moon, the sigil of the ruling house of the Silver Millennium.

Queen Serenity typically wears a white dress with a longer-than-floor-length skirt. Her gowns are magical, and keep themselves clean without need for laundering. She has several of them in her somewhat less than expansive wardrobe, as it's her favorite look. Still, that's not to say she won't try on something else now and again. However, she's in enough socio-political hot water without indulging herself in such luxuries as an Imelda Marcos-size shoe collection. Especially in the months following the devastation caused by the Galactic Destroyer, she has to cut spending and let what she can spare go to help those in need. Though Marie Antoinette wouldn't be born for several thousand years, a good lesson for all royalty is that "Let them eat cake" is a bad—and potentially fatal—publicity move wherever or whenever you are, no matter how many worshipers you have. That's a big reason why her wardrobe is pared down to such an extent. Serenity was brought up right, and knows that caring for the victims of the attack is the top priority.

Taking Care of the Kids:

QSQSBefore she was made Queen, Serenity had a daughter, and any parents worth consideration know that child-rearing can be a rather difficult job. It was made even more difficult when circumstances arose that forced her husband to depart the Solar System on a grand crusade, perhaps never to return. The Queen has many other duties, yes, but she also needs to care for and raise her child properly. There's only so much royal day care, nursemaids, and kindergartens can accomplish on their own. As Serenity had been taught by her mother, so she also determined to teach her own daughter.

When she decides to adopt Terra, administration takes even more time away from what she has to spend with her small family. Nevertheless, family is important to her, and she makes every effort she can to bring up both her natural and adopted daughters properly.

There's always a question about how much she really knows about the recent addition to the group. Does she know what kind of danger she's putting herself into? Is she taking any measures to ensure that she can deal with the problems that are sure to arise? What of her kingdom; will she sacrifice all for this small dose of idealism she's demonstrating? These concerns form a fair amount of the story, and will be answered in the fullness of time.


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