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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years

Senseless Switcharound
Written by Esa Karjalainen
Artwork by Benjamin A. Oliver
June 19, 2003

Galactic Destroyer Yes, you read correctly. This time it's Ben who does the art while I have complete control over the text!

Mwhahahaha—*hack-cough-wheeze*—ha! Er, let's not try that again. A-a-anyway, let's start off with Arby. Can't go wrong with an arbyfish. In all honesty, I'm a bit freaked about writing this thing. "Stage fright", as I already told Ben.


To recap: Esa sent Ben fanart, Ben suggested a webcomic, Esa agreed.

Ben generally complains about his skills, but frankly I think he's one of those few multitalented people who can be good at practically anything with relatively little practice. Give 'im a couple of months of intense studying and I'd say he'd match me, easy. The expression here is, rather nice. Serious, perhaps a bit depressed…. Expresses the mood rather nicely—something I have a hard time managing a lot of the time.

Ben suggested I try explaining something about how the comic is created, but I think details should be left for a more dedicated article. Basically, the process is still a mess. There's the script, yes; and based on it, I draw images—these days, on an A3-size sheet, since I get thinner lines that way. (BEN: "Make the lines thinner! And add more explosions!") Generally, I manage some drawings, get stuck, email to Ben, or MS-Messenger him, we talk, I draw, we come up with something proper, I finish the page, Ben adjusts the script to fit what I drew, and then I notice a thousand little details that went wrong. Or something. Sometimes it doesn't work quite like that, though.

Sorry about the constant delays in comics, people—I'll try to cull my apologetic nature a bit—and the latest page is quite a far along. I could have finished it today if I didn't have to leave pretty much as soon as I finish typing this.

I'll try to put a couple of more hours of work on it today, but looks like a completely missed week at this point—mostly because I won't have access to my scanner. Maybe the story should be made to a cartoon format, instead, in the spirit of some of the zanier series. I mean, If you look at this:

This would be a great character design for something more Warnerbrothersy. Then again, seeing how few artists have been attracted thus far, I doubt we can put together an animation studio overnight. It's a thought, though.

Cut train of thought, must distract the audience—Oh, lookit, an Arbyfish! Looks like a white one, too! Hard to tell in a B+W enviroment, but let's go and say hello! "Greetings, Mr-or-Miss unknown Arbyfis—*Slash*GLBLBLGR"


Ah, much better. Where was I? Couldn't have been important. Anyway, this looks funny:

Terra IncognitoAww…She looks so cute when she's hungry! Aren't the kids adorable? They're so straightforward at that age. Later on, they learn how to act less selfishly, which 'course is rather a good idea after a certain age. Still, Terra's an interesting character. One of the things that attracted me to this project was the concept of a genocidal monster with oodles of power, older than almost anything else, trapped in the role of a young (adopted) princess. In fact, the original plans for the comic were for random short funnies, 4-koma style. 'Course, we needed a few pages for a set-up, and it sort of…what's the expression?…ballooned from there. But, frankly, that's a different story.

Um, I'm running out of ideas…

How to end this? I know, with some Arbyfish!

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