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Nuke 'Em 'Till They Glow!! - The  Early Years

The first ever filler comic! This is an April Fool's joke Ben came up with to celebrate the first year anniversary of the comic.

Thursday, April 1 2004

Happy Comic Anniversary! We've had this thing going for about a year now, and we've got… a fair amount done in that time. We've had some lofty goals, but it's nice to see things coming along at a reasonably… steady pace.

This time of celebration is darkened a bit by some odd news: Esa's disappeared from school and gone off to become a wandering fishmonger… AGAIN.   >_<;;;

I don't know what's wrong with that guy… He complains all the time and keeps wasting away the hours on unimportant things. How dare that boy eat or sleep on comic-drawing time?! Grr. I mean, seriously, people…

From the indications I've had, he's probably not going to be coming back this time, so I've brought the backup artist on board full-blast. To inagurate his coming, he's made not one, but three pages that are up today! The first is just phenomenal! The second is incredible, and the third just cannot be missed or believed. I mean, look at that craftsmanship! Megatokyo, Smegatokyo; I say this is where it's really at!!!

We're increasing the schedule to three pages per day for the next three months to catch up. The guy says he doesn't ever sleep, and I believe it, the way he's been grinding stuff out the past couple of days. This is pretty much what the rest of the comic's going to be looking like from here on out, so sit back and enjoy!

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone! Okay, joke's over. It seems Esa didn't become Rurouni Fishmonger after all, and NETTG:TEY readers were far too jaded to fall for such a simple ruse. Ah, well. Can't blame us for trying.


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